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Diamond Shaft Seal for Howden compressors

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Our plant is running on two screws as booster machines, is about 5 years old. When they have started leaking on the shaft seal I knew it was due to the shaft seal wear and needed to be seal changed. Shaft seal change is not my favourite task. However with Coldores things are easier, it’s a cartridge shaft seal and changing it takes only 1 hour, it’s troubles free maintenance.
  • Hans Tempel
We rely on the Howden machine. These compressors are the best, but leakage around the shaft seal was an ongoing problem. We checked alignment, thrusting, oil grade, we bought 3 different types of shaft seals. Nothing helped until we installed Coldores.
  • Nick Treay
We have tested Coldores in severe dry running conditions on a few different compressors; the results have amazed us time after time. While standard shaft seals started leaking tremendously after a few minutes, Coldores was working as usual. We even checked the faces under a microscope: no sign of damage.
  • Johannes van Eenck
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Nothing helped, until we installed Coldores.

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