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Diamond Shaft Seal for Howden compressors

The best shaft seal for Howden compressor
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Coldores for Howden is a diamond shaft seal that is dry running proof. It is designed for a wide range of Howden refrigeration compressors.


Howden refrigeration compressors have an excellent reputation with customers and they are often called the best in the world. RM Support has been working with Howden compressors for many years and we can confirm their good reputation. We have noticed, however, that technicians and contractors often worry about shaft seal failures, stating that this is the weakest point in the Howden compressor system.


Most shaft seal leakage is the result of thermal attack caused by dry running, leading to a total breakdown of mechanical seals. A compressor cannot operate without a properly working shaft seal, and so the compressor will be out operation during a shaft seal failure.

Coldores, a diamond shaft seal, is the only shaft seal that is optimised to survive dry running and provides the solution to your problems.


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